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Jay 2020

Life's often difficult and stressful. 

Contact me when the need arises, for personal growth & life improvement, help with difficult relationships, resolving bad experiences, &/or enhancing your spiritual growth. 

COVID-19 & The New Normal :  I now offer talk therapy sessions online (using either Zoom or FaceTime)--this might be good as a way to begin, catch up, or ease back into therapy. However, this can be less than ideal, & is negotiable. 

EMDR Therapy sessions really need to be in person.  However, Brainspotting (a similar treatment) seems to be a better fit for online therapy. 

This is how in-person sessions work: each of us can take our respective temperatures to confirm that neither of us is symptomatic or otherwise ill. Appointments (weather permitting ) will be conducted outside, at an appropriate distance, & with masks (a hat may be a good idea too--look at it as an opportunity to trail-blaze 21st century fashion). There are several places we can meet outside around the office that allow for a modicum of confidentiality, most in the shade.  This, too, can be negotiable.

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