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Jay D Fellers

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9250 East Costilla Avenue
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Phone: (303) 947-4071
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Fax: 303.779-3341

I've included several ways to contact me. The best way to reach me is through this website, because this will both send me an email and an automatic text message.   Otherwise, emailing or texting (or using What's App, an encrypted service) is the quickest way to reach me & for me to reach you.  However, although confidentiality extends to communications by text, email, telephone, and/or other electronic means, I cannot guarantee that those communications will be kept confidential and/or that a third-party may not access your communications.  My email  [email protected] will send you emails that are encrypted; but, it is important to know that your reply will not be encrypted unless you use a similar email service.  Further,  using What's App instead of texting will provide encryption for both you and I.  Even though I may utilize state of the art encryption methods, firewalls, and back-up systems to help secure your communication, there is a risk that your electronic or telephone communications may be compromised, unsecured, and/or accessed by a third-party. Please review and fill out Jay D Fellers LCSW PC’s Consent for Communication of Protected Health Information by Unsecure Transmissions). 

Please give me a call, send  a text or an email, or simply fill out the form on this page.  If you are a new or potential client, please include scheduling options, as well as what payment options you wish to use.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you.

Please be aware that due to a high level of demand, I may need to add your name to a waiting list before I can schedule an appointment. 

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